It has been a strange journey.  Sure it only costs $2.99 dollars per month here in NZ but was probably worth less.

After signing up for Amazon Prime - to watch Top Gear, er, The Grand Tour - I happily installed the IOS app on my phone and queued up a program.  Sure it played fine on my phone.  So I started looking for the Google Chrome Cast Icon - nowhere to be seen.  I mine through all the settings but come out with nothing.  Somewhere I find a support email and email support to get the response that they will forward it to the development team to make a note that it is a priority to develop this feature.

Hang on. Amazon has lots of cash.  If they wanted this feature in their app they could hire an army of iOS contractors to have it finished in a week!  This lead me to believe that either They really don't have a clue, they don't want to support Chrome Case as they have their own media device or Google has some kind of hefty licensing fee which they are not willing to pay.

For me the only way to watch programs on my TV is to play it via my laptop's browser window - not acceptable.

After a couple months going back to the app there was not change.  Little change to the program lineup, no interesting notification emails like Netflix.  So they probably are disinterested - at lease in the NZ market.

I decided to cancel - then maybe I could fill in their customer satisfaction survey and give them all my feedback so they can make things better.  Sadly the cancellation email was short and to the point, basically saying that you account has been cancelled and if you want to subscribe again you will have to sign up and pay. Wat?  Bewildered.

My (NZ) cash will happily continue flowing in Netflix's direction,