As you may or may not know, currently the gutz of this website are served up with Google Compute Engine.

During my work hours we usually are big fans of AWS.  I still have lots of fun with it, but I suspect for a simple site it might work out more expensive than Googles offering.  Having run my non free account for about a month now, I can happily report at my bill is sitting at $3.98.  This was unheard of not so long ago if you wanted Java hosting.  I get VM which I can pretty much go wild with.

How easy was it to setup.  Well, the interface is typical Google style so is quite familar.  The most challenging part was finding out the layout of the 'hamberger' menu on the top left to get to the major sections, but once I had that down it wasn't too unintuitive.

Performance wise I have had no really issues.  I did do a little tuning of the JVM settings for Spring Boot so it doesn't hog too much memory.

Would I recommend it to a friend - Sure - give it a go!