It's no secret I am no fan of Javascript.  I should probably explain why in an article at some point, but that isn't really what this is writeup is about.

A Wanted an HTML Editor for writing content for my website.  I started with the traditional web based admin page approach using something like TinyMCE, but soon felt dirty having to use Javascript.  Then I remembered, Java used to have an HTML editor / pane in Swing - do they have something similar in JavaFX?

Fast forward to now.  I am using the HTMLEditor to write this writeup!  Getting the HTML editor on screen was drop dead easy thanks to simply adding a HTMLEditor element to a form.  Getting the interactions working was somewhat more work.

The first challenge came simply because I have had to leave the lovely world of Spring for this project.  RestTemplate does a great job of simplifying consumption of web services.  Jersey and had to be utilised and that took some brushing up.

Once fetching the articles was done, I simply had to hook up the model to the JavaFX controls and get everything working.

There is still a bit of work which needs to be done.  For example it would be nice to post a screenshot of the editor, but that is just going to have to wait.

Needless to say I am enjoy JavaFX.  It is clean to program in.