A few years back I was looking for higher spec laptops for our development team. We wanted a high resoltuion screen to fit lots of code and stuff on the page, and enough memory to run VM's etc.

Apple had the best screen around, but of course was over priced - right? So, we though we would used the Mac Book Pro 15" as a benchmark and get estimates for similar specs laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

Funny thing, the Mac Book was either the same price or less expensive than the competition. Eventually we thought - well - why not just switch to Macs?

Fast forward to today and I really love my Mac Book. Its everything I want of something you use day in and day out. BUT - No escape key? I would have to try the magic bar bit first, but it would likely irritate me no end when using VIM. Dongles? I already use one for a second monitor which is a pain. I don't need more dongles, thanks!

No, in reality we would probably be looking quite closely at other providers for the next round of refreshes.