Yesterday was the historic launch of the Falcon Heavy fully loaded with a Tesla Roadster driven by a dummy in a space suit.  The launch went flawlessly right up till the very end when the main core module crashed into the ocean at nearly 500kph.  Moments before the two boosters flawlessly landed microseconds apart on their respective landing pads.  Before that the Roadster was flung into orbit as planned, and before that a massive rocket - 3 in fact - flung itself at the sky without becoming the worlds biggest firework.

Frankly it was a near complete success.  I had my money on it blowing up on the launch pad.  However, if you read the headlines from NZ's trusted news source - The NZ Herald - they only had this to say 

"Elon, we have a problem: SpaceX rocket overshoots orbit, heads to asteroid belt"

No doubt, if it had blown up there would be great gloating about the fireworks display.  The journalist sipping coffee behind is office cubicle can only point out the failure rather than focus on all that went right.