There is something magical about the corner Diary / Store / Cafe.  Such a wide range of essential goods all housed in one small space.

I was 9 years old when I walked in and a big cabinet making some sounds and flashing colourful graphics caught my eye. An arcade machine in all its glory.

I was just tall enough to peer over the joystick panel at the screen.  I could see the individual coloured pixels on the CRT and the sprites joyfully moving around the screen as the player moved the joystick.  I was immediately filled with wonder... what was behind the screen making everything move?

A spark of curiosity grew. I collected all the 20c pieces I could find to play what ever was on offer.  I branched out on my BMX (yes this was the 80's) going from store to store to see what other games were hungry for coins.  I am sad to confess that I even resorted to stealing coins out of my mothers purse to feed my addiction - sorry mom - I was truly a little brat on a mission.

As I was a poor white kid, I typically just hung around watching other kids play, learning what I could. When I did have some coin to dispose of, I got best bang for my buck.

Bomb Jack, Galaxian, Airwolf, Green Beret and many many others. How did they work?  We will have to find out later in the next part which I will write soon ;)

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